Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bright Italian Home Design 2012

a brilliant use of soft lighting touches throughout this newly completed 
home in Italy, by AlbertoApolstoli.com a design must follow.
in this specific build i found through homeDSGN.com 
my opinion, this is the most powerful photo to my personal taste in design.

Take a closer look at the much used and appreciated Italian Decor details used in the rest of decor! 
perfectly chosen to complement the original modern meets old school Italy home! 

Colour choice and placement is Crucial--perfect 10!

                                                                    Notice what i first thought was a bad photo upload here to the side then look above, how precisely placed each brilliant coloured Italian piece is, through this multifuctional area.                         --->

For the remainder of the photos from this luscious unique build visit homeDSGN at the link placed above. 
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Also scroll through his other unique designs through the residential, personal, hotel, commercial, large and small.


"A.A.E"  (All About Ecco)

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