Friday, January 25, 2013

Aqua-Sense High Tech Shower!?

**The Description of the details shower head could not possibly be done justice by my writing skills. So its been copy pasted from source!...***
"The Aqua-Sense shower system by Graff is a full sensory and completely modern experience. Custom combinations of light, sound and water are made possible with the fixture’s digital technologies. The electronic system with ceiling-mounted showerhead creates an intense central rainfall, RGB LED color-changing effect controlled by touch screen, with a USB port--speakers that connect to portable music players"! (Can u imagine the luxury)... "Other system options include the wall-mounted waterfall showerhead and the wall-mounted cascade & rainfall with RGB LED showerhead that includes a concealed LED light system offering soothing therapeutic effects"...taken all writing from source:

As enjoyable as a Herbal Essence Commercial!

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