Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bubbles in Paris

I am sure I have shared these before on my other sites, felt the need to reshare as i am desparately missing the snow.  we have RAIN RAIN and more rain, for three days and Spring like temperatures here this week. not to say i dont enjoy a mild Winter but, prefer the snow to play with the kids in...

this is a snowy daydream come true for me...

Paris Bubble Hotel

best bubbles ive seen
enjoying some bubbly in Paris for me would have to include a night in one of these rooms.
Pierre-Stephane Dumas Designer of this 'campground' (of sorts) is tucked away in the garden of the Chateau de Malmaison which was the former home of Neopolitan's Josephine! 
(all details full story) 

ENJOY your stay,

*NOTE* Recently i have seen some pretty rude comments around the internet about people resharing other peoples i updated and it has been mentioned now in my About Me blogger profile:   all of my blogs and different sites, contain images, words, and articles at times, that have been found through other sources. I am not going to write this at the bottom of my posts again. we do not take credit for anyone elses work!
Let it be CLEAR that ContainedLife or any of its writers, do NOT take Credit for any reblog or reposts. 
Actually, the rule is: we DO NOT post ANY articles we cannot share the Source and Credit the source with. We simply share (outside of the articles that are my own experience) our interests,
with the intention to in fact create traffic to the sources site (our kindness for your share). always giving credit where credit is due!
In closing, if you do not want something shared or reposted, maybe consider changing your privacy settings or do not post it at all....something to consider...
Credit to me for this paragraph--J9
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