Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Decorate My Space

What a #fun #couch #color
Get creative, be inspired, try something new!
Try selecting your #roomdecor for the #livingroom around the purchase of one special piece. Makes creating a favorite sitting space, comfortable and special, to you! Chose a favorite couch then place a few medium items around that with your second chose 'safety colour' I usually suggest something neutral, then GO FOR THE BOLD, on your third choice 'accent colour'. Be sure to carry your first choice colour through out the room as well in large pieces, maybe a valance or a few picture frames--yes I'd chose pink--just a different shade than the couch.
Then tie it all together with some daring or safe, accessories and there you have an empty room turned sanctuary!

Photo Source: http://www.pambaboma.com/living-room-furniture-15-sofa-set-designs-to-inspire-you/

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