Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Featuring Wendell Burnette Architects

busyboo.com was one of the first design websites in my focus when i first started the search for our dream shipping container home builder. but, i got lost in the love for the Barn here...
these are just some of the primary finds that got me so interested in their site. More importantly, also got me looking into researching other architects themselves--that is where
"Wendell Burnette Architects" cam in.
they stole my heart & shifted my views on home building with this Barn build, which got me thinking more...ecco friendly, ReClaiming, ReUsing, all the high cost, high dumping of wasted materials on subdivision and multi-home build companies--this was the turning point and i knew i wanted to build our own home; one. small. simple. home. (or convert a Barn into a home living space)

Brilliant interiors
Genius fully functional
movement of each uniquely
designed space...

 Making transitions from room to room, flowing and natural; using all furnishings, like art pieces--and what a gallery to display them in.
Below is the start of my obsession with Container Home Living.  I believe this type of "rectangular" set up, layout, build whichever you way you chose to word this build--is achievable through REusing the worlds collection of shipping containers left to our disposal...(with the obvious necessary upgrades required)

space utilization is key

clean flowing lines

mega views lol

This is a Cottage Design by the Architects--they design all of my favorite builds in the universe! 

cottage award winning design by architects
resorts and spas

another Wendell resort and spa
Please, keep your architectural eyes on the look out for these geniuses and get yourself acquiainted with their works. if not to build our own home, their resorts and spas of the future are definetely on the bucket list for me to visit!

ENJOY these photos that Inspired Me to dig a little deeper internally as well into what i really want from a home...(all photos by Wendell Burnette Architects)


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