Monday, January 7, 2013

I Just Wrote, to say, Thank You ...

This is the time of year, now the dust has settled from the festivities of the holiday season, to remember to be grateful to those around you. What better way than a Thank You Card from one of these fabulous providers.

OH and Thank You for stopping by and taking the time to read. We are very Grateful for YOU, here in 
"My Contained Life"...

this is a great one to admit!
You're Better Than Me!"I'm not ashamed to say it..." some people have a better grip on life than myself--and hats off to them for we have someone to learn from!

Thank You--Library Inspired
Unique way of presenting your gratitude, through a Library Inspired format Thank You card!

A Thankful Tree inspired appreciation card. Show those you love that you think of them often.
colourful ways to thank

A Colourful BRIGHT and cheery way to show your gratitude POW! WOW! They'll remember now! 

seasonal thanks
Seasonal Thank You cards are highly important, especially when the inside reads, that you're grateful for that persons kindness more than just at the Holiday time of year! 

themed thanks
Themed Thank You's show the reciepient you've really  been thinking. Keep the theme directed at THEIR interests, not just the card you believe is 'pretty' (which this is btw)! 

kids give thanks too
Of course lets not leave out the most important guys in our lives, the little ones. With much added creativity any close family member would adore a thanks from the most precious in our lives. Kids Appreciation Cards

display cards
The cards I enjoy to recieve the most are ones that can be up on display in our home for a long time. 
This Accordian Style thank you card comes in a box and opens to a perfect display of appreciation. my mother always says a little bit of thanks goes a long way--isnt that the truth for this card itself! 

Whichever way of thanks you chose to give try to remember a few tips I think of while writing:
--the card is about the other person i.e. their unique qualities & ways they helped you etc
--keep words focused on  who they are as a person, not what they bought you
--focus theme on their interests
--use many different thankful words i.e. gratitude, grateful, many thanks, you're a star, you rock, you are appreciated

Lastly, Everyone loves a Thank You card. Everyone craves recognition. Even if its hand made messy and late--send it! You will make someone elses day!

BE their Inspiration,

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