Sunday, January 20, 2013

Interior Design Talk

Months ago i stumbled upon a design blog which includes gatherings of scheduled dates and times for #IntDesignerChat specifically.
Follow the link provided:
for this months Topics and Times, plus instructions on having your input heard! If you or a representative are not available at the allotted time space, sign up for email alerts and read along anytime!
See their Blog or, catch IntDesignerChat on
Twitter: @intdesignerchat Hashtag weekly #IntDesignerChat

Covering tons of interior grounds, Kitchen Design Trending 2013 is the scheduled topic this upcoming Tuesday!
Technology and its place in the kitchen, lighting fixtures trending styles, as well as the norm: color schemes, textures, resurfacing countertops, etc.

Its a perfect time to share your businesses ideas and gather some inspiration for your own clients/company!

Share Your Inspiration,
{**ALL photos found and credited to the Wordpress link provided above}

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