Monday, January 28, 2013

Made In Montana

"Watkins Creek Historical Ranch" remodeling project.

Remodeling projects of historical Ranches in particular, are the absolute best to be involved in.
Wishing I had kept some of our old 'before and afters' of years in Interior Design, this project keeps me longing for my younger days ;( ...
For now, these finds and watching others will have to do.
My enjoyment is sharing them with you all!

Welcome yourself to a walk through around the house.
As the pictures continue, you can feel the more and more inviting from the houses historical features. Originally built in 1917, upgrading throughout the years by him and his family.

To the credit of CTM Architects, the new owners tried to keep much of the history by leaving features like an irreplaceable juniper wood railing up the stairs leading to the homes library. Additional porches within the same exterior design were added, to extend the remodels welcoming feel and enjoyment beyond its interior.

Whatever your project or your find, keep the source at the center so others can utilize their services.
Credit to the architects here: "CTM Architects"
Link to photos and project info:


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