Friday, January 11, 2013

New at Gautier

Gautier caught me by surprise with their jaw dropping delicacy of childrens furniture; watching them ever since, I've found their new collection to be sweet but not as surprising. I have come to expect greatness from their designs. Lets look at a few shall we...

from New at Gautier
From their new collection, the two sided cabinetry breathing into the tv space, creating a non egistent focal point. the use of two different materials on the coffee table, undoing the boredom of any room. love the simple hiding in plain site of the DVD and other player spaces.

my fav
Again, the cluster of cabinetry and various materials creating a focal point to a room seemingly without one. the colour is a delicious chocolate looking brown--a unique choice in my opinion. glass above cupboards below, adding safety around the children as well! the back drop of wooden browns add more depth to a simple small space! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

unique colours
I am still leaning towards the unique coloured and texture looking cabinetry being a great quality addition to any livingroom space. huddling overhead is more storage. again, great for lofts spaces, small spaces, and just plain boring walls! look at the great acitivities going on in this build!

a piece of old
Simply, this is another piece I wanted to add, due to its magnetude of open beauty. as well its material shifts in the flowing coffee table. the addition of a fireplace, is an added feel of home and comfort. open spaces for display and large side (your left) cabinet to conceal all those we dont want to see.

Gautier is a high end, complete, home furnishings store originating in France, with other store locations worldwide--including right here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Be sure to check their website for Store Locations near you. 

BE their Inspiration,

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