Thursday, January 10, 2013

Repurpose This and YOU!

barrels are found very expensive - small mirror
Creative ways to refine the home for the new year, is through repurposing. A million or more websites out there at your disposal, contain tutorials on how to use the most ordinary and seemingly useless materials you already own--as Re"New"ed items of Home Decor!

Here are only some:  (Photo 1 link below "Wine Barrel" bathroom sink)
Wine Barrel Repurposed unique idea with the proper plumbing fixtures as seen, create any ambiance even in the bathroom!

no one said Jenga was only a kids game!

Jenga is not only for kids, or for playing--follow this Moms Of All Trades Blog for more ideas and home inspirations. Then, share your own ideas here or photos for us to see and share!

who says 'Records' or Vinyl as newtimers call them, were just for listening pleasure!
NOW for the looking pleasure as well, find more of these incredibly unique looking Vinyl ReNewed Mirrors on Etsy at the IKandyArt Shop there.

What ever way you chose to ReUse, ReNew or RePurpose, be sure to 
ReMember Self this year. 

Renewing starts inside, and let your new, flow through, within the walls of your home--or office space, any space of Yours! Let your outside, Reflect your inner happiness....

BE their Inspiration,

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