Friday, January 25, 2013

Retro Home Furnishing Trends 2013

Wow now that's a retro light fixture!
Ingenious gorgeous design pieces found here, at this reputable handcrafting company, of lights and many other home furnishings!
A MUST shop or at least peruse for all home decor interests!
Retro, vintage, chic, some hand crafted which is very unique feature in todays world of mass production--mass sales interest only.
Light fixtures, furniture, couches of magnificent colors, and even colored light up hanging wall photos of my past but, recreated with such detail and beauty...
This shop has got to be the greatest trending retro furnishings store, I have ever come across EVER! Yes even above all the up up up way to far up scale stores I've worked with in the past--THIS place is simple and perfectly to the vintage point.
Irreplaceable in its class.

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