Thursday, January 10, 2013

Share A StairCase, from Dezeen

Vertebrae staircase by Andrew McConnell and published by Dezeen design blog/website

Sucker for a gorgeous looking StairCase

Proud to be Canadian when presenting this from a Calgary born Architect/Artist of this magnitude! 

highly impressive build has no hidden supports--MUST read details in link

"....structure istelf transferrs the load of the weight it bears, to the floor plates" 
its sharpe incredible shape, is based on a whales vertebrae, formed into a single structure--this remarkable StairCase.

As a self-supporting structure, it would make an incredible focal point for any build.  Foyer in an Office Building, or a Luxury Home; equipped with complementary furnishings.

BE their Inspiration,

(** is to be credited for this full posting. Go to their website for further details and best builds.)
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