Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts "iPad Folio"

While you're shopping for something new to impress the wife rather than the same old candy and movie then a good nights....sleep...we're all exhausted, lets set her up for a night *awake* with the hubby, by purchasing the right "candy" this year! Some of her "Hearts Eye Candy" uniquely shown here!
Picture the smile on your Wife, Girlfriend, Mothers, or daughter's face, when she opens a gift like this!
Now, picture this: 
Her (ok, or His) favorite picture of the children (dog, cat, night out); and your ipad cover or case--meshed perfectly, designed as one, on your very own "iPad-Folio" 

As introduced to you here, on: 

ErinCondren's iPadFolios

or a custom pattern for your designer taste ;) click below

working like your regular boring old ipad covers--these are sweet eye candy 

Packing a big price tag but a big punch in the impressive design department; I'd definetely consider a purchase regardless. I mean, we're showing off and holding close, the things which are closest to our hearts in these photos--loved ones and the best of memories we've shared with them...

While you're shopping around, check the custom or standard packs of Valentines Day Cards for all the families needs!  

Love Day is on It's Way,


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