Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentines Craft Bug

Being stuck inside under freezing temperatures I could handle but not the youngsters; we've all found ourselves baking, making crafts, and drinking hot cocoa til it hurts our tummies...Can't say its not enjoyable but, my craft drawers are looking a little more bare, as the cold days pass! I've also needed family to stop by a store or two, for more baking needs as well! lol!

From CD Angry Bird Mobiles, to Frozen Disney Penguins (we're attempting just now), Love Bugs, to our Heart Trees that look more like lost fish, it's perfect indoor Winter weather for kids and play!

Please, use the last of the glue stick, with caution and, scissors with adult supervisor ;) LOL
Don't get carried away and use the last of the Red paint before Valentines Day!

Happy Crafting,
J9 & Girlz ;)

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