Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warmly Quilted ...

ahhh just loving the stumbled across bedroom, home decor found ...sweet dreams...
in our home we dont tend to use hot pink or flashy colors over the Winter Season. 
bright patterns
personally i prefer a comfy quilt looking softer pattern, welcoming me home on cold days.

quilted comfort

a quilted cutie
some quilt looks are more modern than others as well, some more inviting. i couldnt get the larger view of this lower example but it would be my favorite next to the first.
you mustnt knock a quilt until you've tried it--i DID knock them in past!

quilted stripes
i honestly wasnt convinced about the comfort of a quilt, until i was gifted two quilts and had no choice but to use them. weve been in wrapture since last winter! seems to have something for everyone as far as bedding design and decor goes. as well as style and comfort--take a look!
acceptable affordable pricing in my opinion!

warmly yours, 
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