Monday, February 4, 2013

Green Bay Architecture and Design

San Francisco, Green Bay Area, contains some of the finest architects in my opinion.
Sleek and functional designs found in this small area, where there is obviously no shortage or gorgeous homes.
Lets take a look at some of the ones I've found recently...

First 3 Photos Credit:

The second set of 6 photos contains one project specifically from my favorite architect in the Green Bay neighborhood. If living in that area, this would be my first stop for building my home!
This build with: "Rotating walls, mobile and built-in designs create flexible space functions. The design is orchestrated to fit the natural topography of the site, making the home appear as “one with the landscape” (directly from site)
--credit and contact:

The third and last set of 3 photos are credited to a skilled Green Bay architectural firm for all different needs: educational, residential, and commercial sources:

Thank You for reading and best wishes to those building or looking to build in San Fran Green Bay Area!

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