Thursday, February 7, 2013

Greeting Card Finds Etsy

Sometimes I get too busy with everyday life and don't read emails until ... MONTHS later!
Then I find a collection of items I 'wish' I bought, through these sources months ago! Only to finally place them in my 'next years gifts' and card folder to remember! (the key is remembering in December lol--many many email calendar alert notifications in my life)!

For now, enjoy some of my favorite Christmas/Holiday forget-me-not's from Etsy!

Links for each photo numbered below:

1st through 5th photo:
Handmades, with these sweet little designed paperworks, these are affordable fun and unique: the exact way I prefer each and every gift/card I gift!

6 & 7 photo:
Remember, "all is merry and BRIGHT" so keep these little neons in mind when considering the next years gift trims and tags! Hot Pink!

last few photos:
Well, not everyones holidays are brightly colored and cheery--minialistly grey and textile in design!
Well, why not! I think these are brilliant, along with Dikla Levsky's other unique materialed decor.

Etsy has Alot to Offer,

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