Monday, February 18, 2013

I Found It On Etsy

I found it on Etsy!

An Etsy Shop filled with jewelry and accessories entirely tasteful, and of my precise liking. I am thrilled to see these fine Victorian influenced pieces. The Victorian days are the ones I envy most. Women were the accessory to their succulent dresses and the jewelry was adored; an art in itself.

As I went through the items in this perfect shop, I got more and more excited as each one appeared. I have a love, an appreciation for the talent of recreating such a refined look. Right down to the iPhone cases!

These are some of the ones I adore most, with the link of course so you can purchase and peruse yourself! ...notice closely the rings interiors. The jewel arrangement inside the globe itself just amazes me (although I probably wouldn't wear this piece, just admire it;)

Thanks "Pretty Natali"

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