Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Last Decor Days!

You're outta time now for ordering on line and delivery by #ValentinesDay
Oh No! Now its time to take a look around the house see if you can find a couple things to use as simple decor; put some love in the air...these are a couple pieces I've found on line, that you might just have you looking around the house!

(The last photos are of our craft done after inspiration!)

*Pinkish/Red Book pile photo found:
Colored ValentinesDay pieces can be arranged to compliment your existing design.
This simple set of books as found on Etsy but, can probably be sourced at your local second hand store as easily!

*The Heart Garland photo source: YES! "3girls and a goat"
I simply adore the items from this special shop. I haven't yet had the pleasure to order from these ladies but, I they "gift" me inspiration daily--which is absolutely priceless!
This heart garland (in my opinion) can be created at home.

*The remaining photos are ALL ours, from this inspiration!
How could we not create our very own...this is ONE item that we crafted yesterday with the recycle items from around home!

1st - garbage from Tweens bedroom. used the back of the wording garbage part of the paper folders package
2nd - traced the bracelet on the papers white side, cut out, glued on the green painted empty toilet paper roll
3rd & 4th - finished paper flower craft
5th - the flower sitting in the repurposed kleenex box that we crafted days before!
(Will post that link Thursday!)

Easy Decor Ideas,

*for more paper inspiration check our:
board on!

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