Thursday, March 21, 2013

Admission of a Paper Junkie

Ok, here it is:  I am a Paper Junkie

I am a Stationery Addict. 

 I am addicted to Stationary. 
 I have no control over the amounts of paper I pin, purchase, covet, lust, desire, over spend on, dream about, day dream about....I have no control over the amounts of stationery I save. 
I have buckets, bags, closets, and storage bins full of paper. It doesn't matter if its scrap, full piece, construction, scrapbooking, gift tags, old newspapers (only some of those though), magazines, scrapbook pages, 3-D Scrapbooking pages, stickers--whatever it is, I have got it somewhere. Here or there...or at my Mothers house.. in her basement, (shh she doesn't even know); even in my children's closets.
There, I've Confessed...

This IS funny but, here's the truth. The truth is, I adore my stationary/ery so terribly much that using it is extremely difficult for me. SHARE it? What's that? I can barely "SPARE A SQUARE" (if anyone recognizing the Jerry Seinfeld reference HAHA!) I can craft with the children all day long--but everyone knows, I become a greedy two year old if their fingers go anywhere near my stationary box, that remains right under MY side of the craft table(making it almost impossible to see in the first place). More Truth:  I have no desire to get better. I am not ready for recovery.
I'm actually sharing this post because I found a new favorite paper designer, Allison Kreft! (some designs here) The products I crave from Allison's works will get their own savings box (stationary decoupage'd of course) to use for purchasing supplies from, in the coming Spring/Summer months:

The first set of photos are of collection as featured under "Webster's Pages" on
Two Peas in a Bucket .com Just a few of Allison's items I covet, for now. Be sure to follow and sign up for Allison's releases and updates through email or your favorite RRS Feed!

*sold per page as well but this is photo of a page book*

Allison Kreft Mini Bags on Websters

add so many teeny special touches perfectly 

Collection includes simple, vibrant, & inspirational ribbons! 

I think its important to share that Allison's creations are enlightening and affordable. 
In my own searches on line for paper products, I find some ridiculously unworthy overpriced papers and materials. On a strict budget, I find her collections and all paper works, to be fair priced, reasonable and of high quality in their class.

These remaining photos are my own just 'hanging around', all within arms reach! ((NOT Allison's))
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A 3D Scrapbook Page (fav!4kids) Pink Large Floral on clearance

Left over CardStock w/shine, Page Covers from kids school bags.
In our home we work with everything in the house! These are from our last years tweens page covers for projects in her binder that were never used. The are made of a thicker type with a shimmery photo type paper, bright and useful for card making. I use colorful handouts from the girls schools, for decoupage crafts as well. Nothing goes to waste and no money is over spent.  
These are great 3D Scrapbooking pages & came with lil' paper glasses, kids love!

3D Letter Stickers to go with the 3D paper pages

this purple page is a sheer, thinner page I like to use over regular or cardstock

Scrapbooking pages, regular colored papers, klutz kids paper--amazing to work with as well!
purple floral print scrapbooking page, handmade detailed white, & just a carbon that was close by.
Share your favorite stationery/stationary, scrapbooking, or paper works you've found on line, below in the comments section?

Maybe you've got a favorite Pinterest board (thats mine) and can see some of your works?

Warmest Wishes of Spring,

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