Thursday, March 7, 2013

RE-Blogged from: "The Imagination Tree"

The Imagination Tree: It's Playtime! Celebrating the Truth of Easter:

There is so much more than just a list of craft links in this post. The Imagination Tree puts the FUN
back into educational craft time with the kids!
For about a month now I have lost my inspiration for crafting. My LO is just under 4 and has ADD. This places me in a very busy position, searching for ways to capture her attention, then keep it focused on learning--therefore, what ever activity we engage in, it MUST be FUN first! Recently Ive been bored and uninspired running through my regular blog list (not that the posts arent fantastic) without my *spark* of creativity going off. Really started to get discouraged until I found this post! The links contain, interesting, captivating, touch and feel, fun ways to play with Easter and Spring. The Best part is that they all contain learning fun again!

I am Inspired and Grateful!  Give it a go and see for yourself!  
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