Thursday, March 7, 2013

"The Imagination Tree" Tissue Paper Flowers

The Imagination Tree: Tissue Paper Flowers: Make some gorgeous tissue paper flowers for Mother's day or as a lovely way to celebrate Spring by decorating the house and using in ...
but .More than just about the fabulous flower craft, its only once in a blu moon you find an over the top blog such as this one! You know the one I mean: the one you await the email receipt, curiosity in opening their newest post, the advice sharing and just all around good feel from the blogger. This is that blog for me. I am often inspired after having read this blog. I search and search through pages and pages of her shares for the next FANTASTIC IDEA--& with some envy I reblog and recreate my own versions of her finds! I just ADORE "The Imagination Tree" and I know you will too!
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Jeanine H
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