Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Archinect Piece

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I rather enjoyed the confusion and thoughts this obvious opinionated article provoked for me. Should I--Shouldn't I's .... However, I'm still unsure.

I sit somehwere along the fence with one readers classic response:
I may be naive about the whole marketing of superstar architect thing, but is this for real?  When I read this I thought it was an onion piece or so super ironic that once again I missed the point. 
Archinect.com is a community connecting and presenting architects, journalists, designers of all types, ultimately sharing their own projects and experiences. I find it incredibly interesting and inspirational as I am now studying in casual University courses for Architecture in Journalism. There are many opinions to be heard and much to learn from these some 'exuberant executives'!

This specific author of this article is described here (in quotations) in his profile on
"Orhan Ayyüce is a senior editor for Archinect.com and writes about architecture, urbanism, people, politics, arts and culture. As an active member of Archinect's editorial team he also works behind the scenes instigating and developing content by other contributors."
I look forward to the 'next series' to come from Ayyüce.
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http://archinect.com/features/article/70943831/next-series-media-specialist-wanted )

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