Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Awarding Astec Design

Read entire Award winning entry featuring the Astec Design functional integrated wall, door design here:  Awarding Astec Design
Canadian Interiors Magazine Article

Article: Canadian Interiors
The Astec Door Design, 100 per cent German manufactured, designed, engineered, by long-standing German designer GestaltlHaus and is available exclusively through their Canadian base
President .... accepting the win confidently and quoted stating:  
"...meticulous and their design is minimalist and highly functional,” says Heuer. “Astec’s Red Dot Award is a recognition of their continuous investment in the development of unique solutions and highest-quality standards in a sophisticated design industry.”(as quoted from Dirk Heuer, president of GestaltHaus, in article)
Congratulations on this prestigious award win
This is a perfect fit for small space designs and dwellings. 
Modular and Multi-Functional works are appreciated throughout. 

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