Monday, April 15, 2013

Bedroom Art Decor

Not your typical bedroom art display. This is much more unique and considered an art piece itself. These designed fabrics are custom made art pieces, from artists that collaborate with "DENY Designs"
Dustin Nyhus is the founder and creator of this vibrant colorful idea, which enables DENY to support art communities worldwide!
Choosing bedroom bedding is no longer about patterns alone, but an artistic expression of self.
DENY Designs brilliant creations are also offered in throw blankets and pillows, and shower curtain textiles for added bathroom design.

See what other crazy accents DENY Designs has to offer, along with these:

Unique feathered art.

Throws available in fleece material for soft bright expressions!

Its like a Jungle out there in the City!

Artistic uniqueness presented in the bathroom!

The bright designs in this collection continue throughout the home on http://deny with Me Time Clocks and Mirrored home furnishings.

The use of colors and designs such as these in a smaller homes/lofts/tiny house, can enhance its ambiance, replacing focus off limited space and on exciting design!

Remember these items are on sale for a limited time (four days remaining) here:

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