Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bocci Lighting

Bocci Lighting in Klatmagazine
A contemporary interpretation of the chandelier, entailing painstaking work with blown glass. It is Omer Arbel’s 57 Series for Bocci, a Canadian company that has just made its debut at Euroluce. During its manufacture air is blown into spheres of glass to form bubbles, creating an elegant and irregular shape that will not go unnoticed. A tribute to the craftsmanship of the highest quality... Bocci prefers to work less, but better.
The norm in lighting innovation, is to see Canadians reveal the beauty in Italian design; it is complementary to see us unveiled in theirs;) Enjoy a look into their world at:   Bocci

More and more of the population as of late, are looking to right-size or down-size their
homes, apartments, lofts, or dwellings. 'Contained Ideas' 'My Contained Life' and J9;) the resource collector, has been researching the small type architecture and design subject for three years now. J9 preferred, or Jeanine H holds seven years in home industry; see the newest research reveals as they become available in her new space:


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