Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Future of White Interiors

My futures so bright I gotta wear shades. I have to say I am glad to hear we are not going backwards into 80's decor. My look into the past I love all 80's, accept the decor. Not much from my favorite era that I'd carry forward. Now, this futuristic display of soft hues and white interiors are geared to tranquility and will influence the future of decor, as featured on Home-Designing

Light fixtures, contemporary visions, design-- Alexander Lysak 

Bedroom Decor 
 Paying close attention to comfort details with oversized bedroom chairs sweeping into the large fabric window treatment, warming you with oneness here  .. ahh blissful feeling of relaxation

Explore the flowing fixtures with water combinations slipping you slowly away through the smooth currents of this apartment decor.

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floating movement 
Floating furniture, utilizing reflective lighting with mirrors, the seamless lines all contribute to produce flow functionality with a complete expression of serenity and peace.


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