Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREE 3D Printables says Mister

On my usual tangents around weekend times, where I search for new activitiess for me and LO, I found some of the BEST! 

Creative, innovative 3D free printables from Mr.Printables website. Serious smarts and creativity needed to create such simply mind boggling DIYs. Take a look at one of our favs. 
(We have yet to try, no wax paper yet) 

Inside you will find Pom-poms, lights, and whatever little treats you can think to toss in the mix. After using your free printable face, get out the wax paper (iron able & see Mr.Printables suggestions & instructions) and some shavings, or wax pieces of your choice in color or smell. 

CLICK LINK for Instructions and download printables (*for individual purposes only). 

These are our favorites to try:

Scary neon trends in colour! BOO! 

Looks under a flashlight! I wonder if the ghost paper with the wax reinforcement would be strong enough for little keychain lights or tea lights (battery operated obviously?) We are sure there's something out there that would be a suitable use! 

Side Note:  For teeny light ideas, we trustable use for crafting supplies & beyond.

Get Creative! 

Read through the trickery Mr.Printables has thought of for inside his goodies! 

Garland! Yes Please! 

Imagine the crowds gathering around to figure out how you made these baby-BOO's! 

Thank you Mr.Printables!

What types of Haloween decor have you handmade? 

Follow Mr.Printables website and links to their blog over on!

Jeanine H

*all images used for sharing proposes only! for your enjoyment. Mr.Printabels is directly responsible and respectfully linked & credited for the images and ideas from this post. A special Thanks to them for sharing. 
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